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Harman International Industries, Inc., commonly known as Harman (stylized as HARMAN), is an American company that produces, designs and engineers connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems; audio and visual products, enterprise automation; and connected services. As of 2017, it is an independent unit or subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

A principal engineer mentioned, "There are many people with nil technical knowledge and none leadership qualities at leadership roles at Harman. They are not able to build good teams and maintain quality of products. Sometimes they think money can buy anything. The HRs are toothless or inactive. Everything depends on the reporting managers"


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Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They treat people like trash. Disposable. Work you hard, burn you out, kick you to the curb. And produce a lousy product. Take advantage of the h1 system to import slave like labor and treat them as such."

confidencial (Former Employee) says

"buena empresa pero malos administrativos gerentes y supervisores prepotentes te gritan delante de la gente para que les agarren miedo falta de valores educación ética principios integridad honestidad y falta de liderazgo RH son unos peleles que hacen lo que los supervisores dicen yo trabajo hay por eso se los cuento e tenido discusiones con gerentes y supervisores porque me gritan delante de la gente mucho hostigamiento laboralseguro social y dentalno hay estacionamiento"

Customer Care Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management rewards employees not based on your work ethic or quality of your work but who they socialize with. Employees that hang out with management get opportunities that should go to others. Management doesn't address any issues whether it be with employees being late, not in the phone queue, or bullying done by others. The atmosphere is toxic and never addressed by management. Management has unfair hiring practices and unfair promotion practices. Those who due the minimum or show up to work late get promoted. Management lies to employees when plants close down"

Pre-Sales Lead (Current Employee) says

"Management have no vision. They hire nd fire in 2 months. HR is spineless. No technical growth unless u kiss your managers behind. Worst place to be in.Discounts on Samsung productsEverything. Don't waste your time here."

Software Architect (Former Employee) says

"Every thing is unordered in Harman. I never met this kind of company before. When I arrived in the company, I did not receive my computer until the second week from my starting date."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"no management skills. work 7 days a week. they the do not care about the employees. this is so bad that even the lower management changed almost weekly"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not organized and no leadership. Management are only worried about making their bonus. Management does not want to fix or hear about any issues and will not address it"

Auxiliar Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"En la empresa no te dan oportunidad de crecimientoTiene buen fondo de ahorroEl personal de RH no tiene contacto con el personal operativo"

Almacenista (Former Employee) says

"Fue un mal trato hacia varios almacenistas y nonme refiiero a mal traton fisico o verval, nos tenian en una bodega donde hacia bastante frio en invierno, no tenian equipada la bodega y la comida la llevaban desde la planta y llegaba fria, en ocaciones no tenianos agua para beber, tampoco tenia enfermeria, y aparte era muy complicado lo que se hacia y en efecto lo hacian mal todo esta desorganizado"

Senior Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Harman is becoming a shell of itself by outsourcing its strategic competence and hiring low cost engineers and managers who are happy just to pick up a visa. The worst of what the H1B program means for the USA."

sales (Former Employee) says

"Horrible HR & environment. No work/life balance! No advancement or respect from management. Benefits could be better."

International Order Management Rep (Former Employee) says

"There is no work/life balance when you work here. If you have a family that you love and want to spend time with do not apply to work for them. If you are ruthless and willing to do what ever it takes to get a head then this is the company for you.A pay check.Too many to list."

Inkább nem írom le. (Former Employee) says

"Senkinek nem ajánlom. Engem átvertek, méghozzá csúnyán. Felvételekor azt monták, mindent összevetve 6 hónapnak kell eltelnie, amíg önállóan dolgozom. Nem voltam szakképzett, el is mondtam nekik. Ehhez képest a hónapból valamiért 6 hét lett. Mikor nem tudtam teljesíteni az elvárásai kat (természetesen), akkor mindent rám varrtak több megalázó értékelésen. Hogy nem jól állok a dolgokhoz, béna vagyok, nem tudok alkalmazkodni, st. ntutudomtudok tudolevetNincsCsak az van."

Sr Manager (Current Employee) says

"top heavy organization - too many directors with inflated egos who only think about self and not project or company ! Every one on top is a glorified ticket manager with no sense of project management !Noneevery thing about this company"

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"NA management is bad. Very partial to their locals. I wish i could give negative in work culture."

Warenhouse Team Member (Former Employee) says

"They didn't care about family at all. Their main concern was the bottom dollar. I worked from 7a to 7p sometimes and other times I worked from 7a to 3:30p, 7 days a week with 1 day off every 3 weeks. I was a single mom, so I had to work but I never got to spend time with my son but once a month. The money doesn't compensate for the time missed with family.Met some wonderful people.Management is terrible. No family time. 1 day off every 3 weeks."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Environment: Threatening, Quality managers walk to your desk and force you to raise your voice to customers and suppliers. Management: Poor managers from VPs to Project Managers. 3 hour lunches (politics to show they are in early and stay late) and only working 5 hour days while everyone else is working typical 8 hours. Managers have moved from technician roles into managing 8-10 people at once. (Needless to say they are not able to handle it and they can not run a project to be successful) Co-workers: Incompetent, unwilling to work with you to learn new technology, Indianapolis location employees are waiting for they bonus from the buyout while new employees are doing the work. Employees here are threatened and intimidated with no retaliation. Do what I say and don't think about it attitude across the team.-4:30 work dayPoor management, Incompitency, Intimidation, previous employees from the buyout have special previliges"

Head - Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"A very engaging but sparsely productive set-up, that is constantly into transition modes.thinking. if there are anyYou tend to get into a clerical / experimental mode"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company prefers to hire H1b Visa employees over american workers. They force these workers to work 80-90 hours a week and then try to measure US workers to the h1b Visa workers productivity. Management is a mess and only seems to focus on saving cost in all aspects of the projects."

Operátor (Former Employee) says

"3 műszakra kapnak az ott dolgozók 130000ftot.. Más részlegen lehet, hogy több a fizetés ,sőt biztos.. Nevetséges. Azt se tudja a főnökség, hogy kinek hol kellene lennie.. Akit Pécsről küldenek fehérvárra, azokat Pécsen keresik.. A jelenlétit nem vezetik normálisan. A bérszámfejtők rendszeresen tévesen számolnak.. Nem korrekt a cég. Senkinek nem ajánlom.. A szállást állják kaja is van.. Talán ez a 2 a pozitívum. Nem értem ezt a sok jó véleménytVan szállás meg kaja.Alacsony fizetés, lekezelő főnökség."

Jesper Red says

"I'm having trouble with connecting my JBL Tune600BTNC headset to a standard Win 10 pc.
I have been in dialog with Harman which support JBL products, nice people but in the end - no help.
The just send the same nonsens again and again.
This is my last JBL device."

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